Summer 2019

When a practitioner has the great good fortune to have as many wonderful clients as I have been privileged to serve over these past 7 years, it is easy to let things like web pages remain static. However, as everything must keep moving and changing, we must show we are also moving forward, hence time to update!!

The end of Spring with the transition to the summer is one of the most active times for our bodies. We are moving from Liver time into Heart and there are lots of volatile emotions and various physical manifestations.

With it being particularly dry this year, we must make sure we are hydrated and eating lots of fresh juicy fruits and vegetable that are “cold” like asparagus. We need to be active and outdoors enjoying the sun and soaking in the Yang energy.

We also need to take time to relax and counter balance all the chaos with relaxing down time. Although the emphasis for summer is on activity and action, we must remember there is always some yin in the yang.

So have a nice leisurely coffee (if it doesn’t cause problems) or cup of tea and contemplate nature before you start your day….

coffee and camping