Acupuncture Within Saskatchewan

Hello all,
You will have noticed a change in the appearance of my website. 

It seemed to me it was time to make it even more about my acupuncture practice here in Regina and how it pertains to all of you -  my clients in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan.

I want this page to be about how our weather is affecting us, what is happening in the acupuncture and Western medical community and how it relates to you and how you live your daily life in accordance with minus 40 to plus 40 temperatures and how you accommodate your diet and lifestyle.

There will be links to articles from other practitioners of varying specialties who might be commenting on matters that are relevant to us here - there is a lot happening in the world of science that has implications in the understanding of acupuncture and updated translations of Classical Chinese Medicine literature that expand our understanding of this wonderful practice.

Another possibility is a question and answer aspect. You can email a question and I will address it here, especially if it applies to some health issue pertaining to our community and city. 

Pamela A. Moore R.Ac.

Resting well is as important as working hard